Digger Dicks Contracting Ltd.

Tight Area Specialist with over 26 years experience

oil tank removedWe at Digger Dicks Contracting would like to take this opportunity to introduce our family owned and operated company to you. We are based on the North Shore and provide our services to the GVRD region. Our team is professionally trained to do remediation and remove residential oil tanks.

Our mandate is to work affordably to provide you a safe solution and a sound environment for your home and real estate investment.

Over 30 years ago, oil storage tanks were buried under-ground. They were used for storing home heating fuel. Once natural gas service became popular these tanks were then abandoned. In most cases these tanks were forgotten about, and to this day, still remain buried underground with whatever residual fuel was left inside of them. These tanks must be removed to prevent soil contamination.

We are here to help:

  • We provide this service for a reasonable price for realtors, homeowners, developers and the local municipalities.
  • We provide free inspections and tank location services.
  • We are registered for performing this service and a certified contractor within the various municipalities. Once we are finished you will hardly notice that this hazard was present.
  • We are considerate to your landscape and make every effort to do minimal disturbances to the area. Our operators are personally trained by Digger Dicks Contracting and qualify as 'tight area specialists'.

Who uses our services?

  • Digger Dicks Contracting Ltd. represents various real estate agents from every group.
  • We provide service to 5 major insurance providers and their policyholders.
  • Municipalities, Government Agencies, Mortgage Companies, Lenders, Pro-Bate Attorneys, Apartment owners, Home Inspectors, Home Owners, Management Companies, Perspective buyers, Investment Companies, developers, Environmental Consultants and Environmental Lawyers.

We have a solid track record and are respected in our field. Our statistics prove that for every client we provide our services for we will generate 5 – 7 referrals. This is only due in part because we show that we care about our clients. What we do for a living is protecting your environment one “Tank at a Time”.

Digger Dicks Contracting also provides customers with oil tank pulls, environmental clean up/assessment, demolition/salvage, excavation, site clearing, backfilling/grading, drywall tear outs, underground utilities, site services, project management, trucking, drain tile service, waterline repair/installation, and swimming pool deactivation, paving stones, retaining walls & water conservation application.

For more info contact us:

Office: (604)986-0675
Cell: (778) 883-7457
Fax: 778-262-0133
Email: info@diggerdicks.com